OSTC Companion  3.0
Companion sofftware for H&W dive computers
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAESPublic Domain AES encryption/decryption rewritten
 CAdlerTemplateAddler checksum, on 2xN bits
 CEmulatorThe Mockup class
 CFifoBasic one-way communication line between threads. Should handle all the Serial protocol
 CHardwareOperationsAPI for HW dive computer drivers
 CHexFileRead .hex file in "Intel HEX" format
 CLogBasic logging tool
 CLogActionCreates a Log event
 CMainWindowGUI for OSTC Companion
 COSTC2OperationsNew OSTC2 (Bluetooth) is just an OSTC3 in a different package
 COSTC3OperationsImplementing various low-level operations for OSTC3 dive computer
 COSTC4OperationsImplementing various operations for H&W OSTC4 dive computer
 COSTCcROperationsImplementing various low-level operations for OSTC3-S8 dive computer
 CSerialTestFake serial interface, to connect a Mockup device
 CSettingsImplement preference dialog for OSTC Companion