OSTC Planner Software

OSTC Planner is a dive planning software based on Bühlmann and Gradient Factor decompression model. It uses the widely used and approved decompression model, by compiling the exact source-code used by the OSTC family of dive computers.

Plan Tech Dives

With OSTC Planner, you can easily plan nitrox or trimix dives. For open-circuit or rebreather configuration. Using up to 5 gaz mix of air, oxygen, nitrogen and helium. Furthermore you can select the model implementation used in your own computer (from the old OSTC mkII firmware, to the latest hwOS based models). It is designed to allow you to compare several scenario, while optimizing your parameters and gaz mixes.

And more !

OSTC Planner software is best to understand the many options of the original OSTC  decompression models. This is made easy by a friendly interface allowing to:

  • Plan your dive, with the exact same decompression model as your OSTC dive computer. You can easily try out various parameters (depth, duration, sat/desat ratio or GF low/high security factors, deco offset, etc.).
  • Optimize your gas mixes, by running several simulations and checking the runtime and the predicted gas consumption in each setup.
  • Prepare carefully to special situations, such as long and/or deep dives and cave diving.
  • Have full access to all OSTC custom functions (old firmwares) and parameters, and assert their impacts on the deco planning.
  • Save complete pre-defined configuration (CFs, gas list, deco model, etc.), upload them to the dive computer, make configuration backups, or duplicate the very same configuration to all the OSTC computers of your group.

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