6. Replay recorded profile

There is a new repay feature (still under development) to allow re-simulating recorded dive, with the same or different settings (gas list, CCR/OC mode, model, etc.).
Note: this feature will be reserved for registered users only, up to 31/12/2012.

Select a file and a dive

  1. Enter replay mode;
  2. Use the […] button to select a file with exported dives.
  3. If this file contains several dives, use this menu to select the one you want.

Change configuration

In the console, you see the following:

Reading UDDF 3.1.0 dive
Unknown OC/CCR mode.
Gas#0: Air o2=21%, he=0%
Gas#1: TX 15/43 o2=15%, he=43%
Gas#2: EAN69 o2=69%, he=0%
Gas#3: EAN99 o2=99%, he=0%

This is the info OSTC Planner was able to extract from the recorded dive file. They are directly reported to the OSTC configuration.

  • You need to set the dive type (OC/CCR), because most format don’t record that.
  • Then you need to set the dive model you want Bühlmann/Gradient factor. And the security margins to use (Sat/Desat or GF Low/High). Because it is not recorded (most of the times), or because you want to simulate with other parameters.
  • You can de-activate a gas, or defines and activate more gases: OSTC Planner only recover the ones that have been used during the dive.

Run simulation

Once set, click the Simulate button. The console displays:

Bühlmann ZH-L16C-1a 2002 with GRADIENT FACTOR decompression:
* GF_low (CF32) = 40 %
* GF_high (CF33) = 80 %
* deco offset (CF16) = 1.0 m
* last stop (CF29) = 3 m
* dive started at Pamb = 1013 mbar
Gas#1 = 21/0 at 0 m
Gas#2 = 15/43 at 6 m
Gas switch delay (CF55) = 0 min
 0:00 0.0m SWITCH TO Gas#1
 23:48 50.6m SWITCH TO Gas#2
 34:58 48.7m SWITCH TO Gas#1
 44:36 12.1m SWITCH TO Gas#3 GF=61%
 60:06 6.0m SWITCH TO Gas#4 GF=22% CNS=23%
 66:52 4.2m SWITCH TO Gas#3 ppO2=1.41 GF=23% CNS=31%
 75:00 0.0m NDL = 4:00 GF=67% CNS=33%

You can use Verbose simulations mode (see Settings…) to have the updated runtime during the dive, every ~10 seconds. Or the Graphic output buttons to plot the depth, and various parameters.

Stop simulation

Use the options to change or to stop simulation:

  • Breaks on deco stops will stop the simulation if you pass the deepest stop.
  • Replay gas switch will automatically change gas, as recorded in the file (if supported by the file format).
  • Breaks on gas switch will stop the simulation on the first gas switch.
  • Replay setpoint (CCR only) will replay the setpoint changes, as recorded in the file (if supported by the file format).
  • Break on setpoint (CCR only) will stop simulation on the first the setpoint changes (if supported by the file format).

Get runtime or Simulate direct ascent

Once the simulation is stopped, you can draw a runtime (Add runtime button), or simulate on ascent (Ascent button).

File format

The currently supported file format and retrieved info are:
[ahm-wp-tabular id=619 template=Template1]

  • [1] Only the first gas is retrieved.