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Revision History

VERSION 2.70.5

Christmas 2013: the long awaited version is ready. Many small changes are detailed [here] or [here].

Windows PC version 2.70.5 and MacMac version 2.70.5


December 2013: a new release still in preparation, correcting and updating the documentation… See all the details [here].

Windows PC version 2.70.4 (beta) and MacMac version 2.70.4 (beta)

VERSION 2.70.3 (beta)

End of November 2013: a new release in preparation, adding many small improvements, and correcting various minor bugs. See all the details [here].

Windows PC version 2.70.3 (beta) and MacMac version 2.70.3 (beta)

version 2.70

September 2013: six months since the last stable release (460, in February) !
There was numerous improvements, and many intermediate beta tested by the volunteers: mainly CCR diluants (new with firmware 2.70), latest configuration parameters (e.g. safety stops), along with a cleaner interface.

See the full details here.

WindowsPC version 2.70 andMacMac version 2.70

version 460

February 2013: stable release. Many improvements and bug fixes !
Automatic testing (version 460 report), better presentation of deco plans, support of
OSTC‘s Time & Date, edition of the new CFIII set, and more for firmware 2.60. New interface to plan multi-levels dive. New Italian and Russian translations.
16 intermediate beta versions heavily tested: See all beta announce for the details !

PC version 460Mac version 460.


Intermediate release to support firmware 2.50 (release). Improves plot saves. Plus minor bugfixes.
PC version 434Mac version 434.


Stable release. Added automatic download and firmware upgrade. OSTC 2.25 beta: added CF65 (Safety stops). Plus minor bugfixes.
PC version 390Mac version 390.


Stable release. Added better support for OSX 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7. Added automatic checking of new version on Mac (too). Upgraded to OSTC 2.23 beta: added support for CF64. Plus minor bugfixes.
PC version 371Mac version 371.


Beta for Mac. Better support for OSX 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.
Mac beta version 370.0.


Upgraded firmware to 2.22, adding room for 32 more CF. New screen dump feature. Handle to resize left/right separation of the interface. Many minor bug fixes.
PC version 360Mac version 360.


Upgraded firmware to 2.21, added new CF names. Added replay interface, to simulate recorded dive files. Still experimental, but supports UDDF format. Added cursor when pressing button in dive plots. New interface, better suited for the Mac version (menu bar).
PC version 314Mac version 314.


Fix serial port selection for Mac platform (with special version of the FTDI driver). Fix plot saving when not adding the image extension (Mac ony bug). Fix Futur RT bug. Added a PayPal button to ease the order process.
PC version 275, Mac version 275.


New interface for small (laptop) screen. Added Spanish translation, thanks to contributions from Diego Mainou.
PC version 265Mac version 265.


New multilingual interface, with German and French translations, thanks to kind contribitions from Laurent BardassPierre VidalotHansj√∂rg Stieger and Beat Keller.
PC version 222.


BUGFIX: sometimes miss gas changes in runtime (meaning bad CNS and no gas consomation).
PC version 168.


Minor change: added a vertical scrollbar for small screens (laptops and netbooks).
PC version 157.

Version 155

Minor change: added a vertical scrollbar for small screens (laptops and netbooks).
PC version 155.

Version 153

First public release, after monthes of bet testings (thanks to all the reporters !).
PC version 153.


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