Main screen

Main screen

The main screen, showing quick access buttons on top (load/save, and OSTCconfiguration), all dive parameters, and a console-style window on the right with depths, stops and warning outputs during the simulation.
See documentation for a quick overview.
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Custom function editor

CF Editor

Review all OSTC custom parameters (aka. Custom Functions). All edited value are emphased in bold, and the Restore Defaults button can be used to reset them.
Top-right: you can setup the Custom Text, to personalize your OSTC computer surface screen.
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Simple runtime plot

Runtime plot.

Simple runtime plot. The Save… button allow to save the image in a variety of format suitable for the web (JPEG, PNG), for hi-resolution uses (TIFF), or for vectorial editing (PDF, SVG).
See how to make simple plots.
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More complex dive plots

CCR + Bailout

The plot functions allows to add several results to the same plot. Here for a CCR dive, the comparison between the normal decompression, and the BAILOUT decompression.
See how to compose more complex plots.
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 Tissue Plots

Tissue loading

You can also draw complex tissue plots.
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