OSTC Companion 3.0 beta5

A new preliminary version of OSTC Companion is available for testing:

New Features:

  • Support for the new OSTC4 dive computer
  • Redesign of the serial communication, to try to have easier connections with Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • Should provides a better compatibility with Windows 8, or Windows 10.

Help Wanted:

Plans is this is the final beta, and will be soon be the official/released version… So it would be nice if:

  • You test it with your usual configuration.
  • You help me finalize the various translations from English to:
    • German: 40/40 done (12 to verify).
    • French:   39/40 done (1 to verify).
    • Spanish: 28/40 done.
    • Italian:    29/40 done.
    • Russian: 28/40 done.

Thanks !