2. More Plots

OSTC Planner offer many more plot possibilities.

1. More curves.

To produce advanced graph, you should do it when running the simulation (Simulate and/or Ascent buttons):

  1. Click Clear diagram to start afresh.
  2. Select Depth and one of the options below.
  3. Click Simulate to (re-)launch a simulation and view the curve progress during the bottom time.
  4. Click Ascent to view the evolution of the curve during ascending and decompression.

The following curves are available:

  • Ceiling curve shows the depth for the first (deepest) deco stop, if any:
  • GF curve shows the current gradient factor during the dive:
  • ppO2 curve shows the oxygen partial pressure:
  • CNS O2 curve shows the evolution of the oxygen toxicity in the central nervous system.

2. Several runtimes in one plot.

If you don’t click Clear diagram, you will add several curves to the same plot. For instance:

  1. Make any dive simulation with a deco gas, click Clear diagram to start afresh, and click Add runtime to have a first dive profile.
  2. Edit gas list: eg. disable the deco gas to simulate a loss, change switching depth, or O2 ratio. Then click Gas volumes to recompute a runtime with this list. Then Add runtime again to have another curve superposed in the plot.
  3. Edit GF_low or GF_high values, click Gas volumes for a recomputed runtime, then Add runtime to have it superposed to the current curve.

3. Ascent vs. Runtimes.

The Add runtime button plot the last predicted runtime, rounded up to the minute, and leave the simulator in its current state (at bottom). You can then use Gas Volumes to predict gas usages, and/or change various parameters to re-compute alternative runtimes from that point.Or Use Interval = 0m to simulate multi-level profiles.
The Ascent button simulate ascending, obeying ascent speed and all (dynamically recomputed) deco stops. So you have a 2 seconds time precision, and see impact of options such as Futur TTS on computations.
Here is a plot comparing the two slightly different profiles: