OSTC Planner 3.00 (beta 14)

Beta 14 is Ready.

A small update for OSTC Planner is ready to test:


  • Multi-line custom textAll hwOS based computers : FIXed edition of multi-line custom text. Now when you change the test display in your OSTC dive computer’s main screen, text is automatically presented in a multi-line editor, and reformatted when you confirm it. Note the vertical bars are just added to show you where the line will end…
  • FIXed missing shared libraries (.so) on Mac package.
  • And of course, all improvements added by beta 13 here.


Starting in December 2016, activation password delivery is automated:

  • You should have the email within a minute, provided you send us all the data needed for generating everything.
  • You will automatically receive both v2.xx (stable and futur-old version)  and v3.xx (beta and futur stable version) activation passwords for any new Paypal order.
  • It should works for free trial (free), locked (one or two computers) and unlimited  activation passwords.
  • If you did not send us the mandatory registration data, you should receive instead an email asking for them.