OSTC Companion 3.0 beta8

A new preliminary version of OSTC Companion is available for testing:

New Features:

  • Added support for the new hardware/software query (hwOS > 2.09, hwOS4 > 1.1.0)
  • Set formatted name, with line splits and width marker.
  • New German and French translations.
  • Added support for future evolution of various models.
  • Added documentation for contributing developers here.

Bug Fix:

  • Beta7 crashed when trying to set a name with not enough lines.
  • OSTC4 firmware (before 1.1.0) forget protocol error on unknown command.
  • Try to detect when connect was already open.

Help Wanted !

Plans is this is will be soon be the official/released version… So I really need volunteers to help me finalize the various translations from English to:

  • Spanish: 28/40 done.
  • Italian: 29/40 done.
  • Russian: 28/40 done.

Thanks for helping me to support this free and open source software !