OSTC Companion

[OSTC Companion - Interface]OSTC Companion is a free, open source software, designed to handle the family of OSTC dive computers made by Heinrichs Weikamp.
It enables you to setup date & time, setup computer’s name, upgrade dive and computer’s firmware (see supported computer and features below).

Downloading OSTC Companion

And because this is a real Open Source project, you can have access to the source here.

Supported Computers

OSTC Planner fully supports all features of the new  hwOS firmware, unifying all recent H&W dive computers. And for older models, most of the functionalities are supported, see details below.

[OSTC Companion - Frog]The Frog was a recreational dive computer, that handle 3 gases, and nitrox decompression. It have been discontinued, and replaced by the OSTC Sport (see below).
Note: no support for images upload.
[OSTC Companion - OSTC 2n]The traditional OSTC  is a long family on itself (OSTC MkII, 2n and  2c ), sharing the same hardware and firmware. Connected and recharged by a USB connection.
Discontinued and replaced by the new OSTC2 below.
Note: no support for firmware upgrade yet.
[OSTC Companion - OSTC 2]The new OSTC 2 computer. This version have a magnetic compass, and a Bluetooth connection to setup parameters, and download dives. An induction device (powered by any USB charger) is used to charge the battery, so you never need to open it anymore.
Note: uses the common hwOS firmware.
[OSTC Companion - OSTC Sport]OSTC Sport is the recreational dive computer of the H&W family, that supports nitrox with up to 5 different gases. Both standard Bühlmann and Gradient Factor decompression models. As well as an apnea mode.
Note: uses the common hwOS firmware
[OSTC Companion - OSTC 3]OSTC 3  is the most versatile dive computer for both recreational and technical dives. Supports OC, CCR and SCR dives. Nitrox & Trimix.
Old version (pre- april 2015 ?) are USB based. New ones use Bluetooth connections, so you won’t open them to download your dive logbook, udpate settings, or change firmware.
Note: uses the common hwOS firmware
[OSTC Companion - OSTC 4]OSTC4  is the dive computer for ultra deep divers, as it is designed for depth up to 250m, and computes both Bühlmann Gradient Factor and VPM decompression models, so you can check both during your dive. It also provides an optical connector for digital O2 cell control. And supports all modes (trimix, OC, CCR, sCCR).
[OSTC Companion - OSTC Cr]OSTC cR is the dive computer for closed-circuit (CCR) dives that provides an S8 connector for analog connections to the O2 cells. It supports all modes (trimix, OC, CCR, sCCR, Bühlmann/Gradient Factors).
Note: uses the common hwOS firmware