Beta 2.90.5 goes public

OSTC firmware 2.90 introduce some changes (eg. a separate gas list for CCR diluants), giving OSTC Planner some trouble to communicate with your dive computer.
An update is under way: it is in a near stable state now, so I decided to make it available to the public, as it is definitively helpful for those of you who upgraded their dive computer with the latest firmware.


The latest OSTC Planner 2.90.5 beta is available here:


The next big step for the final 2.90 release, is to update all translations (or at least French and German). The current status is:
French:   finished 80%, unfinished 20%.
German: finished 58%, unfinished 21%, missing 21%.
Italian:     finished 44%, unfinished 18%, missing 38%.
Russian: finished 45%, unfinished 18%, missing 37%.
Spanish: finished   8%, unfinished 41%, missing 51%.
(missing means to translation was proposed. unfinished means the proposed translation should be validated by another volunteer).
If you which to help, you can download the translation kit is here:
It should be installed after the beta, and contains the Qt Linguist tool to edit and/or validate the translation files.
–> Please contact info to volunteer for translations, so I can coordinate efforts, and output the release quickly.

Known issues:

  • On some platform, probably too fast, connection to the OSTC computer is a bit prone to transmission errors. OSTC Planner should handle this in most case by retrying transfer. Screen Dump still fails on some machines.

Fixed by 2.90.5:

  • With several travel mix taken before ascending to the first stop, gas volumes where wrong. This was a bug in the OSTC firmware.

Fixed by 2.90.4:

  • bug #34: installation error on Windows 8.1, due to Visual 2010 C++ redist.
  • bug #32: minor error rounding SP value in decoplan.
  • bug #33: CCR dive with bailout and two deco mix: the first one does not show in decoplan or plots.
  • OSTC Planner now manages all gas switch between bottom and first stops.

Fixed by 2.90.3:

  • bug #30: CCR bailout gas are from OC list, since fw 2.70. Should be written in the console and the plots too.
  • CF descriptions should be translated in CF Editor.
  • many cleanups in user message, to ease translations.
  • Twicked timeout for the serial communication: seems to be more reliable for ScreenDumps.

Fixed by 2.90.2:

Thanks to your reports, there have been a few bug fixed:

  • Messages truncate to 1024 bytes in console, effectively trashing the end of long deco plans.
  • Messages ending by % overlapping each others.
  • Accents in messages trashing the console.
  • Make console message asking for language translation.
  • CCR mode first diluent taken from the regular (bailout) gas list.
  • CCR mode forbidding 100% He diluent.
  • Ability to run a single script.
  • CF41 is unused.
  • Installed package structure, so it find every bits when it starts.
    … and many minor cleanups.

New in 2.90.1:

  • Support for the 2.90 OSTC firmware