Beta 450.13

Happy new year 2013 !
For the new year, a new beta is (available here for mac and for PC), with the latest changes kindly asked by some of you:

  • Formatted runtimes to make them easy to print and laminate.
  • Unlimited licensing option, easier registration dialog, added Change email…, and direct PayPal buttons for various licenses or upgrade.
  • Upgraded to match OSTC firmware 2.57 (latest published beta).
  • Display CF badly configured in red, and warning message in console.
  • And several bug fixes (handling of bad battery history, shallow-first runtime display).

The release should be out once I have gathered all the translations.
Edited 2012-01-08: beta 450.12 replaced by 450.13 after a nasty bug slipped out, and was corrected thanks to Bardass quick reports.