OSTC Planner 3.0 beta5

Thanks to reports from Fabio and Andreas, I was able to make lot of improvements, including:

  • New support for MacDive saved profiles (in UDCF and XML format).
  • Adaptations to unsupported features (specially for the OSTC Sport that does not have CCR (rebreather) or Helium/Trimix capabilities).
  • The possibility to manually override the COM port proposed.
  • Redo the computation of MOD for diluents: now based on a diluent ppO2 max value, set in the Settings… panel.
  • EDITED 2015/10/28: due to various licensing problems I discovered thanks to Fabio and a few other early beta testers, I fixed the target webpage and was forced to publish a new beta 5 instead.

You can see the progress details is on the Bitbucket bug tracker.

Activation Key

The new activation key server is under way. For now, please just ask for free TRIAL keys. Other modes (automated paying keys, and resend of old registrations will follow). Please allow me some time to sort out everything so everyone can be happy.

Upgrade program

The current idea is to offer version 3.0 keys to everyone that bought an activation key on or after 2015, April 1st. I will send them once automated licensing is working properly.


The first OSTC Planner 3.0 beta 5 is available here:
   Windows  OSTC_Planner_3.00_beta5.exe
the translation kit will be updated soon…