Beta 2.70.3 is out

[Download for Windows PC andMacMac]

A long and painful cleanup was needed since version 2.70 (September). Many minor bugs where remaining. And a redesign was necessary to prepare support of a future OSTC3 mode…

In details, there was many improvements since the release 2.70:

  • MacOSX Mavericks compatibility: save preferences in a blessed directory. Also requested with by some Windows 8.1 machines.
  • Added support for multi-level dive planning (but still hidden in the “Replay Dives” interface).
  • Added support for the 5 extra CCR diluants of firmware 2.70, in closed rebreather mode.
  • CF Editor shows min/max and default values, when the mouse stays over it, formatted according to the CF’s type.
  • Added support for “extra surface time”, i.e. continue simulation a few minutes after the surface is reached, breathing normal air. All parameters continue to be simulated and plotted. Display CNS and GF when surfacing, and after the extra time.
  • Enable filtering of log messages, to extract Excell files with just the tissues during dive simulations (ask for details).
  • Updated to use the latest Qt libraries, to support newest system versions, and to prepare for iOS 7 and/or Android 4.2 tablets release.

Many minor bugs have been fixed too:

  • Added a cleanup between all tests, to make sure to restart from a known state.
  • Fix bug #27: Preferences forget about “verbose” and “extraSurfaceTime”.
  • Fix bug #26: Should copy Settings from the old location (improved Windows 8.1 and MacOS Maverick support).
  • Fix bug #25: CNS during extra surface time (decrease by half every 90 min).
  • Fix bug #22: Hitting “Add Runtime” or “Gas Volumes” when already surfaced displays a red warning in the console.
  • Fix bug #19: CF editor fails to signal changed values by a bold-face text.
  • Fix depth plot curve: missing surface when “extraSurfaceTime” = 0.
  • Fix image saves, to show existing files with the same extension (format).
  • Fix crash when plotting curves after a “clearProfile“.
  • Fix CNS computation for Multi-level dives.
  • Fix gas volumes computation for Multi-level dives.
  • Fix gas volumes for travel mixes (use last gas, not first).
  • Fix random crashes when deleting points in replayed profiles.
  • Fix CCR bailout gas: first gas (or first diluant if fw ? 2.70).
  • Fix BAILOUT comments in CCR runtimes.
  • Fix re-translation when changing Language in settings.
  • Fix broken Paypal links in “Register..”. dialog.
  • Fix NODE-FREE licenses pretending to be node-locked (but working correctly).