OSTC Planner 2.70 Released

[Download for WindowsPC and MacMac]

Another six months since the last stable release (460, in February) !
There was numerous improvements, and many intermediate beta tested by the volunteers.
Now we have a stable release, with a new set of features:

  • CCR Diluants pannel to allow configuration of OSTC Computers with firmware >= 2.70.
  • Updated CF (up to CF73, for the optional security stop) descriptions.
  • Updated French and German translations.
  • Recover 32bit support for older Macs.
  • Added log files (in the TEMP directory), for additional enlightenment to obscure bug reports.
  • Added support (and regression tests) for successive dives.
  • Pushed simulation limits to 150 m, 120 min dives.
  • Added profile reader for Shearwater and UDCF recorded dives. Replay ppO2 (if any recorded). And a better recovery of recorded gas mix.
  • Added saved plots to the automatic test suite. Added more regression tests (eg. NDL, CCR examples). Added automatic check against the full runtime (+/- 1min), the TTS, the CNS and the computed gas consumption.
  • Enhanced interface, cleaner look, better mix names, more translations.

Plus several bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when replaying gas changes.
  • Fixed gas breathed during interval between successive dives.
  • Fixed crash when editing replay dive profiles.
  • Fixed CNS computation to NOAA standards (ATA, not Bar).
  • Fixed plot in several situations (successive dives, slow ascent, tricky cases).
  • Fixed hypoxia alert when starting simple dive with an hypoxic bottom trimix.