Beta 470.2 (Mac & PC)

replay_setpoint_ppO2New public beta of OSTC Planner here for Mac and PC:

  • Improved decompression code, more stable when highly conservative GF_low values are used, thanks to Artur Wróblewski.Typicaly the case for deep trimix dives.  It is scheduled to be in the next beta firmware too (end of week).
  • Fix of a slight runtime variation before/after computing gas volumes, when Future TTS is used (reported by Antoine Desbordes).
  • Read back Shearwater Desktop dives (XML format), and replay recorded ppO2.
  • Minor cosmetic changes, eg. better name for gas (Air, Oxy, Nx75 or Tx18/30), units in tissue graph, added model details in runtime plots, etc.
  • Live coordinates are back in dive plots.
  • More tests (Nx32 NDL, multi-level nitrox and normoxic dives).