Release 460 (Mac & PC)

Ready to be laminated
The long awaited OSTC Planner version 460 is ready !
Six months since the last stable version eight since the last major release. Many improvements and minor bug fixes. Heavily tested through 16 intermediates beta versions, by a growing tester group (10 volunteers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia).

  • Automatic testing of the decompression code, against stored reference dives. Using JavaScript, it is also an opportunity for future enhancements, such as nicely colored and presented deco plans.
  • Better presentation of deco plans (aligned tables), for easier cut/past into your favorite printer.
  • Setting OSTC‘s Time & Date, edit new CFIII set, and other supports for firmware 2.60.
  • New interface to plan multi-levels dive, or to replay profiles exported by your dive computer.
  • New Italian and Russian translations,
  • etc.etc.. See all the 16 beta announce for the details !