OSTC Planner 3.0 beta1

Big OSTC Planner update

The new OSTC2 dive computer introduced in spring 2015 use a brand new firmware (hwOS). Great news for divers. But that was an hard time for OSTC Planner, which suddenly becomes unable to speak to the device…
Here is the first beta of OSTC Planner 3.0. It introduce a bunch of new features, that I think will make most users happy:

  • Support for new hwOS and old OSTC2c firmware, as well as various firmware versions, and computer models.
  • Free Trial licenses, valid 2 months & renewable, giving you full access to every parts of OSTC Planner, so you can enjoy the software before deciding to actively support it.
  • Automatic licenses generation: Starting with TRIAL licenses, you now have a web server that posts your license in a few seconds. Once we are happy with that, the next move is to extend the server to resend registered licenses. And then of course to automatic and fast delivery of all type of license or upgrades.
  • Auto-detection of valid USB or Bluetooth connections (depending of the selected computer model), to connect to any supported HW devices.
  • Renewed serial comm handling, to add speed and reliability.
  • And many more hidden stuff under the hood, you can’t see but make the beast work smoothly…

Current Dev Status

  • You should first select you device driver:
    • OSTC2c 3.04 allows to connect all the historical OSTC2 devices, namely OSTC MkII, OSTC2n, OSTC2c, using any firmware since 2.90.
    • OSTC2 1.84 allows to connect to the 2015 OSTC2, using any version of hwOS firmware since 1.76.
    • OSTCSport 1.84 is meant to connect all versions of OSTC Sport.
    • OSTC3 1.84 is meant to connect all versions of OSTC3 (the fiber-optic version).
    • OSTCcR 1.84 is meant to connect all versions of OSTC cR (the analog cell version).
  • COM ports can be detected once you set the computer correctly. If you do not see them, just close and re-open the Settings… menu.
  • Parameters (download/edit/upload) shall work on all models. Note that hwOS based computers have far less things you can tweak.
  • Screen dump is not implemented in hwOS yet, so OSTC Planner cannot do it either.
  • The decompression model run for planning is the one you have in the firmware family (OSTC2C or hwOS) and version (3.04 or 1.84).
  • Automatic license server is currently limited to TRIAL keys. All the rest is still manual and continue to take a few days (especially during summer time).

Known limitations

  • Firmware upgrade is NOT finished yet, so won’t work. It is next on my todo list.
  • Number of gases, diluants, and setpoints have to be adapted to the simulated firmware.
  • Translations is not done yet, so all new messages will stick to English.
  • Multi-level planning is still not in a usable state, but remains a high priority item once the multi-platform stuff is solved.


I try to maintain a bug tracker here bitbucket.org/JeanDo/ostc-planner, so please first have a look to see if your problem is known.
If not, please email new bug reports to support@ostc-planner.net.


See instead OSTC Planner 3.00 (beta 14)